Graduate Program in Materials Science

The Graduate Program in Materials Science at the University of Brasília, Faculty UnB-Planaltina (PPG-CIMA/FUP), was established in 2011 and is open to students with degrees in physics, chemistry, engineering and related backgrounds. Currently, the program offers graduate studies leading to Masters degree and aims to provide not only the development of advanced knowledge in the academic tracks of the course but also the formation of high-quality scientific researchers to act in the production sector, innovative applications (biotechnological and environmental), materials processing and in higher education. 

Materials Science is a recent scientific and strategic area, which brings together professionals from multidisciplinary areas to integrate fundamental knowledge of materials synthesis and processing, materials microstructure and materials properties in order to improve their performance for application in various technological sectors and innovation.

Editais FAP-DF

A FAP-DF lançou diversos editais para a comunidade de Ciência Tecnologia e Inovação. Mais informações aqui.

Encontro da SBPMat - 2017

A Sociedade Brasileira de Pesquisa em Materiais (SBPMat) divulga que o XVI Encontro da SBPMat/Brazil-MRS Meeting será realizado em Gramado de 10 a 14 de setembro de 2017. Submissão e inscrições já estão abertas. Maiores informações aqui.